Lao People's Democratic Republic
Peace, Independence, Democracy, Unity, Prosperity
National Assembly

No 02/ NA
Date 10 April 2001


Part I
General Provision

Article 1. Function of the Telecommunications Act
The Telecommunication Act defines the principles, the regulations on the organization and the
telecommunication activities, the management of the radio frequency for the radio
communication, the radio broadcasting of sound and television and other radio frequencies; the
administration of the numbering, the infrastructure; the management and the use of the Satellite
orbital slot, the county code top level domain name of the Lao People's Democratic Republic; the
management of tile Telecommunication and Internet services within the country and with foreign
countries aiding at providing a universal, qualitative, accurate, clear, convenient, fast, safe and
fair telecommunication services to the society which will be contributed to the national defense
arid development and the international cooperation.
Article 2.





Terms and Definition

"telecommunication" means the ad 0f emission, transmission or reception, through the
agency of electromagnetism, of any sounds, signs, writing, images or intelligence of any
nature, by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic systems.
"telecommunication resources" means radio frequencies, numbering, satellite orbital
position and the telecommunications infrastructure.
"numbering" means number, sign or other mark uses for the identification
telecommunication networks and facilities in order to connect between the place of
transmission amid the place of reception of telecommunication services.
"telecommunication infrastructure" means buildings, structures includes equipment
and transmission facilities to support the telecommunication networks such as duct, pole,
mast, tower, antenna, optic fiber, cooper wire, any kind of transmission line and so on..
"telecommunication equipment" means machines, copper cables or optical fiber, duct,
manhole, pole, mast, tower or other structure or series of equipment used or to be used in
connection with the electrical or electromagnetic facilities to establish
telecommunications services.
"terminal equipment" means telecommunications equipment used in the offices or in
the premises of the users or customers includes wire line or wireless telephone sets,

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