Journal of Laws 01.112.1198
2004-01-01 amended by Journal of Laws 02.153.1271 Article 82
2004-11-23 amended by Journal of Laws 04.240.2407 Article 9
of 6 September, 2001
on access to public information.
(Journal of Laws of 8 October, 2001)
Chapter 1
General Provisions
Article 1
1. Each information on public matters constitutes public information in the understanding of the Act and is subject to being made
available on the basis of principles and under the provisions defined in this Act.
2. The provisions of the Act shall not breach the provisions of other acts defining different principles and the mode of access to the
information being public information.
Article 2
1. Each person is entitled, with the stipulation of Article 5, to the right of access to public information, hereinafter referred to as “the
right to public information”.
2. The person exercising the right to public information cannot be demanded to reveal the legal or factual purpose.
Article 3
1. The right to public information covers the entitlement to:
1) obtain public information, including obtaining information processed within such a frame, in which it is particularly
essential for the public interest,
2) insight into the official documents,
3) access to the board meetings of public authorities bodies chosen by general elections,
2. The right to public information covers the entitlement to obtain immediately the information containing the knowledge on present
public matters.
Article 4
1. To make the public information available is the obligation of the public authorities as well as other entities performing public
functions, in particular:
1) bodies of public authority,
2) bodies of economic and professional local authorities,
3) entities representing the State Treasury in accordance with the separate provisions,
4) entities representing state legal persons or legal persons of local authorities and entities representing other state
organisational units or organisation units of local authority,
5) entities representing other persons or organisational units, which perform public functions or dispose of public
property as well as legal persons, in which the State Treasury, units of local authority or economic or professional local
authority hold dominant position in the understanding of the provisions of competition and consumer protection.
2. To make public information available is the obligation of representative trade unions and employees organisations in the
understanding of the Act of 6 July, 2001 on the Tripartite Committee for Social-Economic Matters and voivodship committees of social
dialogue (Journal of Laws No 100, it. 1080, with later amend.) and political parties.
3. The entities, defined in it.1 and 2, being in possession of such information are obliged to make it available.
Article 5
1. The right to public information is subject to limitation to the extent and on the principles defined in the provisions on the protection of
confidential information and on the protection of other secrets being statutorily protected.
2. The right to public information is subject to limitation in relation to privacy of a natural person or the secret of an entrepreneur. The

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