Part   I   Subject   Criminal  lawsuits     Egypt  Criminal  Procedure  Code     Article     Text  of  Article   1   The  Public  Prosecution  shall,  except  in  the  cases  provided  for  by   law,   solely   have   the   jurisdiction   of   filing   and   handling   criminal   lawsuits.  No  criminal  law  suit  may  be  abandoned,  suspended  or   delayed  except  in  the  cases  provided  for  by  law     I   Criminal  lawsuits     2   The   Attorney   General   shall,   directly   or   through   one   of   the   members  of  the  Public  Prosecution,  handle  criminal  lawsuits  as   provided   for   by   law.   Other   than   said,   any   appointed   person,   may,   by   virtue   of   the   law,   undertake   the   role   of   the   Public   Prosecution.     I   Criminal  lawsuits     3   No   criminal   lawsuit   may   be   filed   unless   on   the   grounds   of   a   written   or   oral   complaint   made   by   the   victim   or   the   representative   thereof   to   the   Public   Prosecution   or   to   a   judicial   officer   for   crimes   stipulated   under   articles   307,   306,   303,   293,   292,  279,  277,  185  and  308  of  the  Penal  Code  and  for  all  other   cases   provided   for   by   law.   Unless   otherwise   stated   by   law,   no   complaint   may   be   accepted   after   the   elapse   of   a   three-­‐month   period   as   of   the   date   the   victim   is   informed   of   the   crime   and   of   the  perpetrator  thereof.     I   Criminal  lawsuits     4   In  the  event  there  is  more  than  one  victim,  a  complaint  made   by   one   of   said   shall   suffice.   In   the   event   there   is   more   than   one   person   accused   and   a   complaint   is   made   against   one   of   said,   the  complaint  shall  be  deemed  made  against  all.   I   Criminal  lawsuits     5   If  the  victim  of  a  crime  is  younger  than  fifteen  years  of  age  or  is   deemed   to   be   mentally   incompetent,   the   complaint   shall   be   made  by  the  guardian  thereof.  If  the  criminal  offense  is  deemed   a   crime   on   assets,   a   complaint   shall   be   accepted   from   the  

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