BILL To provide for a general framework for the promotion of the use of electronic transactions in government services and private contracts; to provide for the legal recognition of electronic transactions; to provide for the admission of electronic evidence; to provide for consumer protection in electronic commerce; to regulate the liability of service providers for actions of their clients; to provide for the protection of critical and important data; to create certain offences; to create certain powers for the investigation of offences and to provide for matters incidental thereto. (Introduced by the Minister of Information Communications and technology) ARRANGEMENT OF SECTIONS Section CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARY PROVISIONS 1. Definitions 2. Objects of Act 3. General functions and powers of Minister CHAPTER 2 ELECTRONIC INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT ADVISORY COUNCIL 4. Establishment of Council 5. Composition of Council 6. Disqualification 7. Term of office 8. Vacating of office and filling of vacancy 9. Remuneration 10. Meetings of Council 11. Committees 12. Disclosure of interest 13. Functions of Council 14. Guidelines 15. Secretariat CHAPTER 3 LEGAL RECOGNITION AND EFFECT OF DATA MESSAGES AND ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS 1

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