THE ELECTRONIC TRANSACTIONS ORDINANCE, 2002 CONTENTS 1 Short title, extent and Commencement. 2 Definitions. CHAPTER II RECOGNITION AND PRESUMPTION. 3 Legal recognition of electronic forms. 4 Requirement for writing. 5 Requirement for original form. 6 Requirement for retention. 7 Legal recognition of electronic signatures. 8 Proof of electronic signature. 9 Presumption relating to advanced electronic signature. 10 Stamp Duty. 11 Attestation and notarization. 12 Certified copies. CHAPTER III ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS. 13 Attribution of communications. 14 Acknowledgment of receipt. 15 Time and place of dispatch and receipt of electronic communication. 16 Electronic documentation of appropriate authority. CHAPTER IV CERTIFICATION SERVICE PROVIDERS. 17 Certification Service Providers. CHAPTER V CERTIFICATION COUNCIL. 18 Establishment of the Certification Council. 19 Qualifications of member. 20 Funds of the Certification Council. 21 Functions of the Certification Council. 22 Application of Act XVII of 1996. Page 1 of 21

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