Access to Public Information Act Promulgated, SG No. 55/7.07.2000, amended, SG No. 1/4.01.2002, effective 1.01.2002, SG No. 45/30.04.2002, SG No. 103/23.12.2005, amended and supplemented, SG No. 24/21.03.2006, amended, SG No. 30/11.04.2006, effective 12.07.2006, SG No. 59/21.07.2006, effective as from the date of entry into force of the Treaty of Accession of the Republic of Bulgaria to the European Union - 1.01.2007, amended and supplemented, SG No. 49/19.06.2007, amended, SG No. 57/13.07.2007, effective 13.07.2007, amended and supplemented, SG No. 104/5.12.2008, amended, SG No. 77/1.10.2010, SG No. 39/20.05.2011 Text in Bulgarian: Закон за достъп до обществена информация Chapter One GENERAL DISPOSITIONS Section I Subject-matter and Scope Subject-matter of Act Article 1. (Supplemented, SG No. 49/2007) This Act regulates the social relations pertaining to the right of access to public information, as well as to the re-use of public sector information. Public Information and Public Sector Information (Heading supplemented, SG No. 49/2007) Article 2. (1) Within the meaning given by this Act, "public information" shall be any information pertaining to public life in the Republic of Bulgaria and enabling members of the public to form their own opinion regarding the operation of the entities obligated under the law. (2) Any information referred to in Paragraph (1) shall be public regardlessof the type of physical data medium thereof. (3) (New, SG No. 49/2007) "Public sector information" shall be any information materialized on a paper, electronic or other medium, inter alia stored as a sound or visual recording, and collected or created by a public sector body. (4) (Amended, SG No. 1/2002, renumbered from Paragraph (3), SG No. 49/2007) This Act shall not apply to access to personal data. Re-use of Public Sector Information Article 2a. (New, SG No. 49/2007) (1) "Re-use" of public sector information shall be the use of such information for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than the initial purpose for which the said information was created within the powers or functions of a public sector organization. (2) The provision of public sector information to a public sector body in connection with the implementation of the powers or functions thereof shall not constitute re-use within the meaning given by this Act. Obligated Entities (Heading amended, SG No. 49/2007) Article 3. (1) (Amended, SG No. 104/2008) This Act shall apply to access to any public information which is created

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